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6 Proton Review

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All surfers know the importance of the right board for the right rider. Also you need the right fins for the right rider. Ill focus more on the surfboard aspect but I’ll also go over some fins too.

Now the board I’m reviewing today is the Channel Islands Proton. I recently bought a 5’8″ Proton form this great board repair guy, who has a big stock of new and used boards. Anyways the dimensions  are Length: 5’8″ Width: 18 5/6″ Thickness: 2 1/8″. Now this is an old model of it and its a custom, but I’m going to gauge it around 20-21 liters of volume. It is an all around great board and when paired up with the right fins for the right day it excels! This board has a continuous rocker and a single concave. This board was made for the pocket and will fly if you know how to ride!

The one problem I have with this board is that its extremely loose. That’s not a bad thing but I find myself spinning on big days. I believe the Proton Step Up has improved this. I wouldn’t mind if they glassed the deck a tad more. I have many pressure dings from big waves pounding me. Otherwise I find no other problems. It’s an all around great board.


Now fins are a bit tricky. There are many different kinds of fins, but there are three choices of size. Small, medium or large. Now this is where it gets tricky. The kinds of fins you use are depending on 2 things. Your weight and the wave height. On anything smaller than 3-4ft, using small fins makes easier turning in the small waves. Anything bigger than 3-4ft use medium or large fins. That depends on personal preference. Now I recommend using the Rusty 5 fin set for the Proton on days where the waves are chest high. Once it gets bigger than chest high I’d go for the AM2 tri-fin set. Anyways fins are pretty much personal preference so not much I can help with.

If you don’t believe me about this board here is something I grabbed from Channel Islands website.

“Voted the 2009 board of the year by SIMA, The Proton is a result of Dane’s design work in late 2007. Still Dane’s go-to board in good pockety surf, the Proton is the choice for advanced surfers everywhere.”

This board was big when it came out and I think it still is. Now Channel Islands came out with a new board in 2012 called the Fred Rubble. I own both boards and they are fantastic. The Fred Rubble is a little less concave so it can go through the flat sections a bit better and the wide point is farther up the nose. Both boards are excellent in almost any conditions.

So check these boards out online or at a shop and see what you think.

I’ll write something new next week or tomorrow maybe not sure. See you!

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